About Media Mouth

Hello. I’m Susan Hanks. I’m a Broadcaster, Event Host and Voice Over Artist for Media Mouth.

Inspired by a genuine love for and interest in people (I’m nosey, very nosey), and the lovely chap who changed my electricity supplier and told me I’d got a nice voice, I combined those elements to form what’s the perfect job for me.


Having worked on the circuit as a Stand-Up Comedian for several years, and being a guest on various radio stations to make the newspapers funnier, I swapped sides of the desk to become a Broadcaster myself. Starting in online radio, Community, and eventually progressing to Commercial and now BBC radio stations, I have allowed me to indulge my inquisitive (nosey) side by interviewing celebrities, politicians and people who have something to say, and listen to music and call it work.

Have a listen to my broadcasting work on here and on SoundCloud. I’m also live on Silk 106.9fm Saturdays 10am-2pm and frequently cover programmes on BBC Radio Stoke.  Let me know if you’re tuned in. I’m nosey, y’see (did I mention that?).

Event Hosting

Hosting events is a wonderful chance to step out of the studio and meet more people. I get to see the smiles I always hope people have when they hear their favourite song or a story they’ve enjoyed on the radio.

From hosting the Staffordshire Fire and Rescue MORE Awards to the Tytherington Club Bonfire Night and many a Dog Show, I’ve always been asked to return as host the following year (and reminded not to try and leave again with the dogs).

Voice Over

Voice Over work is a pleasure to do for any format.

Attention to detail to portray a story, narrate and create imagery or ensure a sale, the challenge is to deliver the vocal that you imagined when you created your idea.

Contact Media Mouth

Contact Media Mouth to make an enquiry or book me by emailing susan@themediamouth.co.uk